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[section_dd section_title=’Welcome to Buyers Station’ section_id=’welcome’][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]Buyers Station is working as a buying house in the field of leather and lifestyle industry. Our major concern is to play our role as a buying house of our customers. One of our primary responsibilities as a buying house is to assure that the product purchased and released for shipment conforms to be customer’s requirement. Our services include all that a buyer needs for successful buying. Buyers Station has years of experience on its back in dealing all categories of leather, leather goods and fashionable products. Buyers Station is a first track for all your leather and lifestyle goods sourcing requirements from Bangladesh. We offer you quality goods that fit and suit your requirements at prices that are attractive and what more, we deliver them within necessary time lines.[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd section_title=’About Us’ section_id=’about’ class=’section-user’ bg_color=’#f1f1f1′][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd class=’text-center’]BuyerStation is a Merchandising Agency based on Leather and Leather Products ,  Leather Education, Lifestyle goods and Compliances. Our Moto or Slogan is: “ Source Good – – – Feel Good! “ We have considerable experience in sourcing and manufacturing Leather Wallet, Belt, Official Bag, Ladies Bag, Jacket, Documents Cover, Wear Accessories Etc. We have convenient workspaces for both buyer and designers. We have established a network of reliable suppliers guaranteeing products with a competitive edge and by working closely with each factory we can ensure you timely delivery and high-quality products. We are with suppliers specializes in Leather and Leather Products. Our Merchandising team monitors production closely to guarantee quality product and timely delivery.

Make Us Your Partner, We Will Make Your Work Easier.

To succeed in this complex and competitive world you need a strong partner. Like Buyer Station. Our team of dedicated business experts provides you with current business trends and in-depth company and industry reports, enabling you to become an expert and have more meaningful conversations with prospects and customers. Our team of dedicated business experts provides you with current business trends and in-depth company and industry reports, enabling you to become an expert and have more meaningful conversations with prospects and customers.[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd section_title=’MIssion’ section_id=’mission’ class=’aligncenter color_overlayed section-chat’ parallax=’0.6′][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]Our goal is simple & clear. Our commitment-our passion is to source right products in right time from the right manufacturer at the right price that the consumer can buy & enjoy. Working in close relation with all our vendors, artisans, craftsmen, designers we strive to help our foreign counterparts. [/text_dd][blockquote_dd]“Be relaxed with right product in right time at right price”.[/blockquote_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd section_title=’Company Profile’ section_id=’company-profile’ class=’section-book2′ bg_color=’#f1f1f1′][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]Buyer Station is a process driven sourcing, buying & inspecting compliance with a well network of suppliers from all over Bangladesh. The company has a good team of young & dynamic personals having deep knowledge in their respective product fields. Due to our sincere and ethical business philosophy, we have been able to successfully establish ourselves in the marketplace. Moreover, our sincere and fair dealing has enabled us in fetching repeated orders from all our buyers. This has strengthened our professional relationship with both vendors and buyers. With an adequate vendor base of tried and tested suppliers in each segment of the industry, who are continuously audited for performance, quality and price competitiveness to provide desirable alternatives to the client. Our vendors are chosen after rigorous assessment for technical competence, financial strength, standards of hygiene, social compliance and ethical standards. They are required to be well equipped with skilled labour, appropriate machinery and support infrastructure. We are constantly evaluating new companies to enhance available resources. We maintain a strong inter-personal relationship with each of our vendors providing all necessary inputs for a productive business environment and high levels of efficiency. We believe in building relations that proves to be fruitful business venture both for us as well as the clients we associate with.[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd section_title=’Product Gallery’ section_id=’product-gallery’ section_intro=’WE CREATE QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT ENRICH THE LIVES OF OTHERS.’ class=’section-camera’ fullwidth=’1′][column_dd span=’12’][portfolio count=’16’ link_text=’See All Products’ link_url=’http://buyersstation.com/portfolio/’][/portfolio][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd section_title=’Our Services’ section_id=’services’ section_intro=’Check out some of our main core services’ section_outro=’Compliance issue solution by following instruction of AAFA , PROP 65 , REACH standard alliance working Intertec, TUV SUD , UL , SGS , Hence control , Berue Beritus , SATRA .’ class=’color_overlayed section-tools’][column_dd span=’4′][service_box_dd title=’The best Product Development & Sourcing’ icon=’entypo-dropbox’ type=’square’ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’Quality assurance & Inspection ‘ icon=’entypo-search’ type=’square’ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][/column_dd][column_dd span=’4′][service_box_dd title=’Leather & Lifestyle products Sourcing & Pattern making ‘ icon=’entypo-statistics’ type=’square’ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’Communication & Co-ordinations ‘ icon=’entypo-phone’ type=’square’ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][/column_dd][column_dd span=’4′][service_box_dd title=’On time production & timely deliveries ‘ icon=’entypo-clock’ type=’square’ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’Shipment & Tracking’ icon=’entypo-rocket’ type=’square’ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd section_title=’Get in touch’ section_id=’contact’ section_intro=’We are always very eager to listen to your queries’ class=’section-mail’][column_dd span=’8′][contact-form-7 id=’4′][/contact-form-7][/column_dd][column_dd span=’4′][service_box_dd title=’ 8801924840004′ icon=’entypo-phone’ type=’aside_small’ link=’tel:8801924840004′ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’contact@buyersstation.com’ icon=’entypo-mail’ type=’aside_small’ link=’mailto:contact@buyersstation.com’ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’buyers.station’ icon=’entypo-skype’ type=’aside_small’ link=’skype:buyers.station?call’ target=’_self’][/service_box_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]